My Tiny Horse Track

My Tiny Horse Track -

I have been loving my tiny horse track and so have my ponies! The changes I have witnessed in three of my mini’s hooves is amazing. And in just 3 short weeks!

They all move more. I look out and they are always on the move. They don’t run around much, but they walk all the time. The trick to this is putting your feed station far away from the water. I also have a forage station that is far away from the feed station and the water station. They seem to have a different place to laze around every couple of days. I love watching them lay around as a little herd.

Bonnie goes out on the track with a muzzle on in the mornings. She likes wandering around the track pretending to forage because she hasn’t figured out the muzzle yet. She does love it when I push hay and the tall grass through the hole in the  muzzle for her and will follow me around begging. She spends time scratching on the scratch post and just walking and walking. Sometimes I let her walk around without her boots on and other times I leave her boots on!


We’ll take a little photo tour of the track… then I’ll share a video!


This is the beginning of the track. The gate into it is just beside the water trough. To create a water station I allow the water trough to overflow by leaving my hose on a very slow trickle. This makes the ponies have to step into the water to get a drink. They also have to walk through the water to go out to pasture in the morning. I gave them a shade cloth so they are always able to get out of  the sun.



This is the south side of the track. I consider this the front part of the track. This part is 10 feet wide and goes up to the manure pile and opens up into the area that houses the old street sweeper that is a scratching post.



Here is the open lounging and scratching area. They have access to the manure pile and sometimes they lay in it for a nap and they often climb it and dig in it!



The feed station is on the east side of the track. The water station is on the west side. So in order to drink they have to walk around at least half of the track! I have four Hay Chix hay nets out tied to the T-posts so they can’t roll them into the middle, under the electric fence. I do have T-post toppers, I just need time to put them on!



This is also on the east side of the track and connects the feed station to the forage station. This part is 8 feet wide to encourage the horses to move through here and not hang out. Narrower parts of the track encourage movement!



This is the north east corner of the track. I bring the hay in through the little homemade gate there to right. (I built that gate all by myself! You can totally tell! LOL) This is a large corner and sometimes they lay around here and sleep. To the left there is the beginning of the Forage station.



The forage stations are rocks piled up. Sometimes I put hay under the rocks and then I sprinkle timothy hay pellets among the rocks. I also put hay, spread out, under the log. They move the rocks and the log around with their noses. I love watching them make a beeline for the forage area!



This is the north west side of the track. It was one of my little dry lot areas when the grass started to over take the dry lot. I felt it was too small because Sky would just stand around and eat the hay net all day. Now she walks around and eats all day! But the amount of movement the track has encouraged is amazing!



This little section connects the north west side of the track to the south west side, where the shed and water station are. It’s a little jog around Bonnie’s dry lot area. The ponies hang out in this corner often and sleep next to Bonnie’s area.



This is on the south side of Bonnie’s dry lot and connects back to the beginning of the track! Two ponies can fit in one side of the shed and the other side is for Bonnie. I provide the shade cloth for anyone that can’t get into the shed.



My three wonderful ponies!

And the video – 

I have shared this track on Facebook and the back lash was surprising! I have found that people feel the T-posts are very dangerous. I hear that. We rent and most everything has to be temporary. We will have to reseed the dry lot when we move. So putting in wood posts for the track was not an option. We also have high winds and deep snow in the winter so putting in a permanent post and rail fence, or even using the corral panels as the interior of the track is not an option as the snow would get caught by the rails and make huge drifts. I have to put the corral panels up when winter comes or the snow will build up on either side in drifts as high as 6-8 feet tall.

There are many things to consider when putting together a track. I’ve had quite a few years to think about this and design it! I’ve very happy with it and how it turned out. My ponies are happier and healthier this year than last year! I am most excited about the changes in their hooves. Sky’s heels have widened and her frogs are healthier than ever! The same for Captain Planet and Zorro. I can’t wait for Bonnie to be able to be out there 24/7 without her boots. I think it will make a big difference for her feet as well.

Fun on the Farm!

Fun on the Farm! -

The weather around here is finally starting to calm down a little bit! We did have a huge wind storm yesterday, but it was blowing the storm away not in… so today was gorgeous!

Two days ago I wanted to take Sky for a little drive and went to get her Cavallo boots only to find that she has worn holes through the soles of them! We got them last November and maybe put about 10 miles on them because of the winter. I can’t believe they didn’t last longer. I emailed Cavallo and they are sending me another pair, hoping that this pair was defective somehow. I hope that is the case as well!


I will say that they are so slippery in the grass, I can’t drive Sky in grassy areas with them on. She just slips and slides around, proving they would not be good boots for CDE’s! So after using them just a little bit and watching Bonnie wear her Easyboots off and on since December I have to say the Easyboots are longer lasting. They are very well constructed and Bonnie seems very comfortable in them even though she rarely gets to have them off. I will be purchasing more Easyboots for the rest of my ponies, but will not be buying the Cavallo boots again. I love having the options and appreciate their customer service, but can’t afford boots that can’t be worn anywhere we want to drive!

Sky and I went for a nice relaxing drive. Because she didn’t have boots we started out driving around the front yard doing long figure of eights and circles then crossed the driveway and drove around the hay stack and then went out on the road a little bit. They just put down new gravel and it’s deep and lovely so she didn’t have too much trouble out there! We wandered down to the corner where our neighbors gate was open… we couldn’t resist! We went through the gate and walked and trotted around the corner of their field. Sky was so interested being somewhere new! The sun was shining so pretty and I just felt so very happy!

When we were walking back home there was an antelope in the middle of the road. I didn’t get that on the video because I couldn’t drive her one handed while encountering an antelope! LOL But she did great and the antelope panicked and crawled through the fence to run off with it’s brother or sister. Antelope make a funny ‘honking’ sound when they are calling to each other. I hear it often and look around trying to figure out what is making that sound only to remember it’s the antelope!


Sky looking at the Antelope alongside the road.

When I got home I brought Bonnie out and we went for a short 15 minute walk in the very soft deep grass in the front yard. I took her boots off she she could have a little break. I also took my shoes off so I would be sure to stay in the very soft area and not wander into the harder ground. She isn’t ready for that yet!


This face! I love it!!

Bonnie’s blood tests came back positive for IR, but negative for Cushings. Based on the numbers (which I don’t totally understand yet but am researching!) Bonnie may do well on the Thyro-L powder. We will give it a try and if it doesn’t help we have some other options. This goes to show that it’s a good idea to get a couple of opinions as another vet I talked to about her felt Thyro-L wasn’t the way to go, but I can’t remember why!


Sky’s blood tests came back normal so we are going to really start driving for reals now! I have access to a beautiful mile and an a quarter drive with little to no traffic and lots of beautiful scenery so I will be hauling Sky down there to drive a couple times a week! I think sometimes I’ll bring Zorro along and pony him behind the cart to get him in shape too. I plan on ground driving him this summer, with the idea that he will pull the travois this fall. He is just a two year old so I won’t hitch him to the cart this year. Sky looks thrilled in this photo, but she was very happy to be out driving tonight! And even when we left the farm she didn’t get silly or anxious, but stayed curious and connected the entire time. We are having so much fun!

Just wanted to share a little of the fun on the farm!

Bath Day!


Clean girls. Bonnie stood with the cold hose running for about an hour while I trimmed everyone else up. She could stand in or out of the water but she chose to stand in it!

We had a beautiful day today. Lots of sunshine, a little rain and temps soaring into the high 70’s low 80’s. The perfect day for bath day! I caught all 5 ponies and they practiced patience while being tied.


These boys. They are so cute! Chantelle was tied to the left of Zorro, but inside the fence. I wasn’t sure if Zorro would be studdy so I just gave them a little space.

First I trimmed all of their feet (except Bonnie! I just trimmed her two days ago), then I gave them all a nice warm bath using the water from our washing machine hook up, then I wormed them all (except Bonnie because I’m not sure about using wormer on her until she is healthier).

I was totally blown away by how Bonnie, Zorro and Captain Planet handled the bath. Bonnie was so confident and quiet while I sprayed her. Last year I spent a lot of time helping her feel confident with the hose and it really paid off! I could hardly believe how calm she was! Then Zorro. He was awesome. He just keeps proving himself over and over. I just LOVE that horse! Captain Planet will do anything for a cookie so he was happy to stand quietly as long as I gave him a cookie now and then. After his bath I roached his mane and oh my gosh!!! He is adorable!!!

Chantelle, the new pony from my grandma, did awesome. I don’t think she has ever had a bath but she handled it very well. I truly love these Cal babies! (Chantelle is Zorro’s half sister, same sire.)


Aren’t they so cute together! Zorro was a perfect gentleman so I think his testosterone is running low! Whoot whoot!


Chantelle is adorable. I was taking photos by myself today but when I clip her up I’ll get some good ones! She is about 33″ tall and so refined. She has legs for days!!

Of course Sky was a good girl about her bath. She loves the warm spray and shows me all her itchy spots so I can thoroughly spray them. All the ponies were so shiny after their baths! It was hard to tell when they were dry. I wish the camera would capture that healthy shine they have!

Just a fun day of grooming and pony maintenance!

Fat or Fluffy?


This is the time of year that people are asking, “Is my mini too fat?”

Over the years I have done my fair share of rescuing. And though I have rescued some ponies that foundered from too much grass, many of the minis I rescued were actually too thin. I understand that people are worried about founder and they should be! However one should educate ones self about how a mini founders. Because they can actually founder when they are too thin as well. Being fat doesn’t always mean they will founder and keeping them too thin doesn’t insure they will never founder.

I wanted to share this comparison because I find it very interesting!

The photo on the left was taken today. I spent some time doing a trace clip on Sky because she has been getting way too hot when we are driving. It turned out she had A LOT of hair hanging on under there! The photo on the right was take this last Sunday. It took it to show how fat she is, showing how she is fat on her tummy and her neck. However when you look at the photo on the left you can see her neck is not fat at all! And her tummy isn’t as fat as it appears in the other photo. Don’t get me wrong. She is still overweight (I had some blood drawn on her on Monday so we can see if something is going on metabolically) but I was sure happy to see how she cleaned up today!

This is an interesting comparison as well! The photo on the left was take when I first brought her home, before Crypto Aero. The next photo is Sky last summer after eating Crypto Aero for a few months. She sure did look awesome!! Then the right middle is Sky last winter before we had snow. Quite fluffy but so peachy! The far right photo was taken today. I’m happy to see that she is much darker in her winter coat than last spring and actually hasn’t gained as much weight as I first thought! With all the driving we will be doing I think she will look even better this summer than last!

I think it’s actually kind of amazing that all these photos are the same horse! It just goes to show that it’s actually quite difficult to judge a horse by it’s photo. Not all photos are equal or even ‘good’ which makes judging a horses weight very difficult. Just some food for thought!

Fun Stuff!

Just a bit of fun stuff going on around here today. I drove Sky tonight and she was wonderful! She is in heat and did pretty well considering. Last year I would never have been able to drive her during this time as she was so cranky. I’m so glad she is feeling well enough to play with me this year. She had lots of energy, due to being in heat, so we had to do lots of circles, figures of eight and trotting past the driveway then turning around and trotting past the driveway again. While doing this she started offering the most amazing trot! She would lower her butt, round her back and lower her head and power UP! Her trot didn’t get faster, but her stride nearly doubled. It was the best extended trot I’ve ever witnessed her doing! I wish I had had someone videoing us from the side. I’ll bet it was something to see!

We did a bit of cantering too. It was just a fun fun evening! I look forward to really getting her in shape. She went to the vet on Monday to have blood drawn so I can figure out why she is so overweight. Some exercise combined with the info I’ll receive from the vet should help her get in very good shape!

Next the boys and I added a south side to the little track in one side of my dry lot. Now it makes a complete circle! Sky and Chantelle move all day long. It’s so nice to see them using it as it was intended. I added some rocks and a small log on the north side so I could hide food there. This promotes foraging and gets them hunting along the track, moving! I am loving setting this up and can’t wait to build bigger and better ones in the coming years! Turn up the volume as I walk you through it.

The Beginning of Our Track!

The Beginning of Our Track! -

Oh I am so excited!!! I finally could afford the solar powered charger, hot wire and insulators to put together part of my track! This side is for the girls, Sky and Chantelle. When Zorro is done being a stud then I can put all the ponies out on it together and the boys will help move the girls around. I am going to hide hay around the track to encourage movement as well! I’m so excited about all the things we can do on this little track system.

Bonnie will have to stay in the dry lot until the grass is completely dead along the track. That will happen when I can put more ponies on it, when the weather gets hot and as I dig some of it up with a shovel! I am going to be super proactive about getting rid of all of it.

For now I’ll let the girls out at night. It’s supposed to warm up next week then I’ll have to adjust their time out there until most of the grass is dead. But at least they are out there trotting around!

As I add things to it, plant herb planters and make adjustments I will update my blog to share what I’m learning. I can’t wait to build a bigger one out on our 5 acres in a few years!!

Zorro’s Surgery!

Zorro's Surgery -

It was time for Zorro to have a little brain surgery… he got gelded today! I am so excited about having this boy as an awesome driving gelding. He would have made a wonderful stallion so will make a fantastic gelding!!

He hasn’t been in a horse trailer since he came here last year. He wasn’t halter broke then, getting him to the trailer was interesting back then, but he just followed his mom into the trailer. I waited until yesterday to start working with him and the trailer… procrastinator anybody!? We have been playing around with the Spanish walk because teaching him things like this is so easy. He loves to interact with me and loves cookies, so anything that gets him some one-on-one time as well as a cookie is something he is going to remember and do over and over and over. Last year we spent about an hour playing around my bridge. It took that long to just get him to put his foot on it. However once he did put is foot on it and I praised him, gave him a few cookies and took his halter off, he will now put his foot on everything and anything. He is always looking for a way to get a cookie because I am not a vending machine, my ponies have to DO something or offer something for a cookie. It makes for really fun training sessions! They come up with all kinds of fun things!

Back to the trailer. I haven’t done much pressure/release with him and the only stick and string stuff I’ve done is friendly game. So he doesn’t really understand much more than leading around. He has some opposition reflex (something to work on this summer!!) so he will try to sit back when tied. I never tie him without being right there and I don’t tie him hard and fast.

We walked up to the trailer and he immediately put his front feet in! He got some cookies and lots of praise then backed out. After doing this 3 times he decided the game was over and he wasn’t going to approach the trailer again. The thing about Zorro is once he understands something (whether it’s exactly what you want him to understand or whether he makes an assumption) he KNOWS it and will do it over and over! So when he understood that he was done with trailer loading he absolutely refused to even approach the trailer. I had to come up with an alternate plan because pulling wasn’t going to work since he doesn’t completely understand pressure/release. So I put a long rope on his halter and ran it through the front tie ring in the trailer and then put a long rope around his butt to encourage him from behind. THIS he understood. I helped him all the way into the trailer three times and he had it! Now he knew exactly what I wanted and continued to get in and out of the trailer over and over. He will stay in the trailer even when I walk away and Captain is out of sight. He unloads very calmly and will turn around and get right back in!

This morning we had to load up before 6 am to get my boys to their first Driver’s Ed class and Zorro to the vet by 8! So it was a bit dark. Both boys came running up to me when I went in their pen, they stuck their noses in the halter and walked right into the trailer! I was amazed at their willingness. If you have ever tried to load a horse early in the morning on a time line, you will understand how excited I was that they cooperated so well!

They traveled well, eating from their hay net the whole time. They were quiet and calm when we got the vet, an hour drive away. When the vet opened I went in and and did the paperwork, then went out and unloaded the boys. They both walked calmly into the horse bay, crossing from gravel to concrete and going in a big garage door. Something neither pony has done before! They were quiet in the bay, just standing and looking around. When the vet closed the garage door Zorro barely flicked an ear. He turned his head and looked and just stood relaxed. I was so proud of him.

The vet and vet tech both were very impressed with Zorro. They commented on how good both boys weight is for their build. They were impressed with how nice their feet looked. The vet tech said she hasn’t seen such a nice mini in a long time! Zorro is such a striking boy and it doesn’t stop with his looks. He is calm, sweet and responsive as well as handsome. I am super impressed with our Cal babies!! (The new pony I have here (photos coming soon!) is a Cal daughter out of my grandmother’s little 32″ mare.)

Zorro stood perfectly while getting his sleepy time shots and went down easily. The surgery went quickly and was very neat and tidy! The vet moved up to check for wolf teeth and BOY did Zorro have them! Two big, well rooted teeth. The vet commented that he hasn’t pulled such a large set of wolf teeth from a little horse before! As Zorro woke up he proved how strong he is! The vet tech had a bit of a time keeping him down. He is a big strong boy that’s for sure.

Left: Under sedation and starting surgery. Right: Waking up.

After surgery we led the boys back to the trailer and Zorro jumped straight in! No hesitation. Captain leaped in right behind him. When we got home they talked to the girls and then slowly got out! It was a very successful day. I am crossing my fingers that he heals up without a hitch! I am worn out with Bonnie’s issues. It would be nice to have a simple recovery.