Getting Started


Here are a few tips for navigating my site:

1) I have the most popular posts about driving on the “Driving” page.

2) I have the most popular posts about nutrition on the “Nutrition” page.

So the easiest thing is to go to those pages and look through the posts for the information you need.

Search Function

3) I have a search feature on my blog as well. You can click on a blog post and on the right hand side the “Search” function will come up. You can type a key word, or several key words into that box and the blog will find all the posts that have that word in it.

For example: Type “Halters” in that search bar and the blog will pull up any post that I wrote about halters.

Type in “miniature horse boots” and the blog will pull up any posts that I talk about miniature horse boots.

If you are on your phone, click on any post and when it loads you will see a small arrow in the upper right hand side of the screen. This will open a menu that has the search feature in it.


Then type in your search word or words:



and the blog will find all the posts that are about halters!


You may find this is an easier way to navigate. There are some posts that really don’t fit under the Nutrition or Driving pages.

The Blog

To see all the blog posts head on over to the BLOG.


I feel I must again say:
This blog is written by me about my experiences, things I find that work well and things that don’t work well. So these are my opinions.

I share what my horses are doing and how their training is going. I share things that I have tried and sometimes write reviews for products. I do not get paid for these by the companies that I am reviewing… HOWEVER I do work for Chimacum Tack but they do not pay me for my reviews either.

I think it is very important to remember – there isn’t only one way of doing things. There are in fact many many different ways of walking this journey and you should always do what you feel is best for your horse.

I would never try to make you feel wrong or bad for choosing a different way, but I will always be happy to visit with you about why your way is working. Who knows? Maybe I’ll need to try your way sometime!!

Please don’t ever feel like I am trying to tell you my way is the only way or that you are wrong. And if you feel that way then I ask that you open up a dialogue with me and we can discuss it. I am a very open minded person and am always up for trying new things.