billy blaze comes into my life

my allergies had gotten worse.  i couldn’t get within 10 feet of a horse without having an asthma attack and feeling like plucking my itchy eyes right out.  it was awful.  i had gone almost a year without a horse and was paying for it.  what was i going to do?

i was doing some research on line and stumbled across the Curly Horse.  they were touted as being hypoallergenic.  they had curly eye lashes, curly fetlocks, curly hair on their bodies, curly, dread lock manes and tails.  they have ultra soft hair coats, more like a bunny rabbit than a horse.  you just want to push your face into it and snuggle.

my heart was still healing from the loss of my farm and all my horses.  we had to re-locate and finding a place to keep my Andalusian gelding proved to be difficult.  it wouldn’t have been if the horse couldn’t jump upwards of 7 feet and didn’t have a problem jumping out of every pen i put him in.  i found him an excellent home, gifted him to the gal and said my goodbyes.  that happened about a year before i stumbled on the Curly Horse.  my handsome hubby said i could get another horse IF someone gave me one.  after all i had given away my last horse and he had also been expensive…  my heart sank a bit because who was going to give me a Curly Horse?  hypoallergenic and rare.  i decided i would just work really hard for the next year, squirreling away all my money towards the purchase of a Curly Horse.  in the mean time i would find the breeder i wanted to go with and get to know them and their horses.

i called around and emailed several.  of all the breeders i tried to contact only one even made the effort to reply to me.  not one of the other breeders even emailed me back.  they definitely didn’t call me.  this breeder did both!  we visited a little bit and during our visits it came out that i wasn’t planning on purchasing right away, but would be saving my money and making plans.

“if money is a problem i have the perfect horse for you!”  she said.  “he’s a bay yearling colt that has a few faults.  other breeders have told me he’s too ugly to have in their barns.  they told me he has a ewe neck, a straight shoulder and a hammer head.  if you are interested i’ll give him to you for a dollar.”

LEFT: the day after i brought him home, May 2011  RIGHT: September of 2012
LEFT: the day after i brought him home, May 2011 RIGHT: September of 2012

i could not believe my ears!  someone was willing to GIVE me a hypoallergenic Curly Horse for FREE! (well for a dollar… but basically, for FREE!)  talk about karma!

i asked for a few pictures and loved what i saw.  billy blaze was just an awkward yearling that needed some lovin and some gymnastic exercises and he was going to be beautiful!

my hubby and i drove the 8 hours to pick him up and the rest…. is our journey.  the journey to find myself, my heart and become a horse-woman.


  1. Mindy; well written my daughter. I am very proud of you and your accomplishments as a horse-woman, wife, mother, daughter and friend.

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