lightness: n.

3. Ease or cheerfulness in manner or style.
4. Freedom from worry or trouble.
5. Lack of appropriate seriousness; levity.

billy has taught me so much about being playful and silly.  i always thought horses were serious stuff, hard work.  there was very little room for laughter.  you must never let the horse get the upper hand.  you must never, ever let the horse win.

then came billy blaze and all his silliness.  he is constantly coming up with something new.  he thinks up things all on his own, then shows me just how smart he is.  he responds to laughter, as most horses do.  they know when we are feeling joyful.  they can feel that energy.  they know when you are angry, they can feel that energy as well.  i dare you to try to get your horse to work with you when you are angry.  it just doesn’t happen.  that’s when things go south and we lose the respect/trust our horses are willing to give us.  if you start feeling angry, smile, and walk away.

if we can be joyful around them they will give us more in return.  they will try harder, jump higher and show a true happiness in their work.  thereby making them a better partner.

if we can allow our horses to show their true selves to us it opens a whole other path to understanding them.  horses are funny.  they have a wonderful sense of humor.

lightness: lack of appropriate seriousness; levity.


  1. I think this is one of the greatest things Parelli has taught me. It is so important to me now to not get caught up in “the horse world” and just enjoy my horse. Previously, I was always worried that we weren’t going to be good enough for the next show. I was never happy and never enjoyed the moment. My LBI quickly grounded me and showed me that’s no way to live at all. I am so thankfully that he opened up my eyes to all of the joyful, silliness :).

    1. me too! parelli taught me to laugh at myself AND be joyful around my horse. i used to train horses for people and it was all hard work, sweat and crying. some days i didn’t even want to head out to “work” the horses at all because it was all SO HARD. i’ll be ever grateful for parelli for this one lesson… though i continue to learn and better myself daily because of parelli!!

      1. That’s so funny… I felt exactly the same way. I sold my dressage horses years ago because I was tired of “working”. There was nothing fun about it. Now I enjoy every second I get to spend with my horse. Funny how things change ;).

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