lightness part 2


lightness: n.

6. Delicacy or subtlety in craft, performance, or effect.

billy has taught me just how much a horse understands and how often we spend our time YELLING at our horses.  “a horse can feel a fly land on them” is a common analogy told by horse people.  then we go out and YELL at our horses to get something accomplished.

billy has taught me that the louder i yell the louder he has to get, to be heard.  if i whisper, he is more than happy to try what i’m asking.

when i am communicating with him, sometimes, i have a lot of movement going on in my body and in my ropes and stick and string.  billy will just stand there and LOOK at me as if to say, “just TELL me what you want woman!”  then i laugh, get quieter and more subtle and off he goes to jump the barrel or stand on the pedestal.  ahhhhh… gotta love;

lightness: Delicacy or subtlety in craft, performance, or effect.


  1. What horsenality is he? My old LBI would get SO offended if I didn’t start with phase .5. Which I understand…my sister used to yell at me to clean the house and I wouldn’t do it out of spite. My dad would come home and be like man this house is a mess and I would offer to clean. There’s a big difference between a suggestion and doing things out of heart and desire than being yelled at and feeling forced into it. I love this topic!

    1. agreed!!! i will mostly always comply when asked nicely and will almost always run away laughing if bossed. also… i HATE rules and WILL try to break them, given the chance. this drives my handsome hubby crazy… he’s a deputy sheriff.

      billy is a LBI/LBE/RBE/RBI. LOL!! so far he is demonstrated each and every horsenality in our play sessions. not every time, most often when we are working on a new concept. but he is rarely just one horsenality anyway. so i am constantly having to adjust and change it up. every. day. what worked yesterday probably won’t work today… but if i keep it light and respectful, so will he!

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