a little something for the weekend


here is the saddle i bought for billy blaze last year.  we aren’t sure just exactly how big he is going to be when he matures.  i figured the adjustable gullet was a smart idea…

my friend Carol made billy his headstall.  it’s a beautiful black and brown english bridle.

billy’s halter is the blue one.  i think he looks so handsome in blue!

this book is so cool and really helped me to understand what is happening in billy’s body when he is moving.

i LOVE my hoof pick

this is billy’s favorite brush.  i love the name 😉

i love this treat bag.  it lays nice and flat against my side.

and this is my favorite 22′ line to play on.  it has such a nice light weight and doesn’t get heavy when it gets wet or sandy.


    1. i like the lariat because when it gets wet it doesn’t change weight. the feather line gets heavier and then snakes around my legs in the wet grass or sandy arena. the lariat keeps it’s shape and doesn’t coil around my legs 🙂 also it has helped me get more comfortable with my 45 line, coiling and uncoiling it. LOVE it!!

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