a little something for the weekend

SONY DSCwhat a great blog post!  as usual this pops up just when i need it…

oh boy… conscious incompetence!

speaking of wanting to pass my level 4 online.  LOOK at this video.  wonderful.  this is what i’m aspiring to!  i must admit that it’s videos like this one that have me so nervous.  i think this is beautiful and clearly shows a wonderful relationship and yet she passed with a 4+ not a 4++.  if i want to be an instructor i have to pass with a 4++.  eeeek!

just for fun here is her level 4 liberty audition video.

my video made it into the parelli weekly newsletter!

another great article by pat parelli… is your horse stubborn or fearful?


  1. You only need to pass you Online with a solid 4 to activate your instructor license 🙂 Liberty isn’t until your 2* instructor rating and you only need a 4, not a 4++. Just to clear things up for you! To get into the Fast Track you need to have a 3+ in all three savvys, OL, Liberty and FS. The Fast Track is the pre-requisite class for the 1* class. But you can also email the PEI and get all of this detailed out in writing for your path. You’d make an amazing instructor, Mindy 🙂

    1. wow! thank you so much holly! i didn’t realize that we don’t have to pass the level 4 online and liberty with a 4++. that takes some pressure off for sure 😉

      i’m looking forward to visiting with you soon! today is getting away from me, mowing, cleaning, doing dishes, laundry and carving some time out to play with billy… i’ll do my best to call you later!

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