sunday part three

SONY DSCafter lunch, in the afternoon, david brought our goals from the beginning of the clinic out into the arena.  we were all gathered, all 11 of us with our horses and he went over each and every one of our goals.  if we missed something then we discussed it and did something about it!

mine was my circling game.  i just can not get billy to offer more than 16 strides of canter on the circle.

then came david…

he had me send him out on the circle, without focusing so much on my send = pointing with my finger.  i’m to use my intention more.  makes sense for level 4!

i’m to focus my eyes just behind his drive line and with the intention that i’m a wildcat about to pounce on his back, ask him to transition up.  then if he doesn’t go i bring my stick and string UP from the ground in an arc, kind of a sideways movement, and ZING him in the rear, aiming for his tail.  it took two times of this from david and billy was picking up the canter with just the intention of canter.  then he offered 29 strides!!!!  almost 3 laps.  i was amazed.  david handed him back and said, “done!”  LOL!

now i just have to practice this myself.  when i clean up my mushy communication and become more concise and clear with my intention that will really help.

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