a little something for the weekend


this article is an eye opener for why america is producing so many mediocre instructors.  wow!

here is an interesting article by tom moates.  i agree with some of what he says and disagree with some.  there is always something to learn from everyone, even when that someone is downtroding what you believe in 😉  i have read a few of tom’s books that he wrote about harry whitney.  i really enjoyed them, though once again i felt that he had misinterpreted things that parelli teaches.  that seems to happen often in the “natural horsemanship world” and mostly i find out later that the person who is misquoting, or misunderstanding the program has never studied it.  i feel that it’s difficult to make a clear judgement about something until you’ve put your time in and learned what you can about it first hand.

this pony is in amazing shape!!!  what an imagination these two have…

at the david lichman clinic he talked a lot about using music to get rhythm and relaxation.  this video is the ultimate example of this!  i’ve loved this video since they rode this test at the 2006 world equestrian games.  i sat on the edge of my seat watching it then and every single time i watch it now i’m on the edge of my seat, clapping, with tears in my eyes.  these two are simply amazing…

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