How soft can you be when asking your horse for a transition?

When I am soft and quiet in my body,mind and emotions, our play times seem to just flow.
How soft can you be?

In this above video Linda Parelli talks about being soft when we ask our horses to do things. How softly can you ask for a transition? A stop? A back up?

I find myself yelling at Billy a lot because I think I need to really be obvious in what I’m asking. We have moved beyond that in our training however and I need to remember my own advice about progress!

One thing I struggle with a bit is when I am being soft I also feel like I’m being a big sneaky. Then when I start to think about being sneaky, Billy mostly always tries to leave or does if we are playing at liberty! How interesting!

I watched the gal in the above video asking Hot Jazz ever so softly for the transitions and the bring back and realized that softness does not have to look sneaky. However when she swung her stick that DID look a bit sneaky to me. I thought it looked like she was afraid to swing the stick? Thoughts on this?

(I guess I would be afraid to swing a stick and string at Linda Parelli’s horse with her looking on.)

When I am soft and quiet in my body, mind and emotions, our play times seem to just flow. Billy is light as a feather as I ask for changes of direction, transitions up and down, half jumps and jumping the barrels. The whole thing looks like a beautiful dance. Those sessions feed my soul and support me during the sessions where he runs me over, steals my treat bag and leaves with his tail flagging in the air- nanner nanner!

It’s completely clear to me how important it is to be myself and be in the moment when I’m playing with Billy. However he also has responsibilities in our sessions. I could be Buddha some days and it wouldn’t matter. Billy would still have his own agenda and his own ideas.

Of course if I WAS Buddha I guess I would completely understand the idea of never making the horse feel wrong…

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