The Power of Neutral

The power of Neutral
The power of Neutral

Before I even had Billy I watched this video and thought, “Wow. What would it feel like to have a relationship that AWESOME!?” Then today I watched it again and realized… I DO!  What an amazing feeling to have your horse be so light at the tip of your fingers. Waiting for the next game, the next ask, the next challenge.

In this video, Ron starts out with the figure of eight in a round pen. He does not come out of neutral unless his horse gets stuck. Then he simply steps up and supports the horse in finding the right answer, immediately going back to neutral. What you will see is that when Ron comes out of neutral, his horse knows that the game is about to change. He zeros in on Ron and is ready for the next challenge. Talk about creating a strong draw…

One thing that really helped us get here was the power of neutral. Learning how to be in neutral and what it means to BE in neutral. Watching Billy bloom when I began to incorporate neutral into our session was amazing. Watching him try to figure out HOW to get me to go into neutral, then seeing him relax and put more effort into the tasks I was asking for- because of that neutral.

The key to finding neutral, for me, was the YES pattern. Until I started doing the YES pattern I didn’t know that I hadn’t been finding neutral. I thought I was, but my body stayed tense and ready for the next thing. Having a tense body is the exact opposite of neutral.

After using neutral correctly our relationship blossomed even more.

Oh. The power of neutral!


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