The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements
The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)  by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements are:

1) Be Impeccable With Your Word

2) Don’t Take Anything Personally

3) Don’t Make Assumptions

4) Always Do Your Best

It’s amazing to me how similar these agreements are to what Parelli teaches.

1) Be Impeccable With Your Word = Be honest about how you are feeling before you approach your horse. Then approach your horse with an open heart.

Put your heart in your hand and touch your horse with your heart. – Pat Parelli

2) Don’t Take Anything Personally = A horse is a horse and will behave like a horse. Don’t take his reactions personally. Just learn how to help him through the rough patches, hold his “hand” when he is afraid and show him that you are capable of being his leader.

3) Don’t Make Assumptions = Don’t make or teach assumptions. Don’t assume that because your horse willingly and easily jumped the barrels yesterday that he can do so today. Don’t forget to communicate with your horse. They are smart and catch on quick!  Sometimes they can take their smarts and decide what it is that you are asking for before you even ask. Giving them time to think, taking a moment between tasks, pausing and allowing them to think and settle before just moving on is key to NOT teaching your horse to make assumptions.

4) Always Do Your Best =  Practice doesn’t make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. If you put the time in, striving every day to be better than you were yesterday and only comparing yourself to yourself, you will get your better best. When you expect a lot but accept a little from your horse you are encouraging that horse to try harder each time.  Be the ambassador of yes and you show your horse what a wonderful leader you are. Every day. The two of you together become partners at always doing your best.

Good Better Best, Never Let it Rest, Get Your Good Better and Your Better BEST!

– Pat Parelli

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