a little something for the weekend


this is an excellent blog post about a recent buck brannaman clinic in spanaway washington.

prior and proper preparation might help some of these dressage horses…  eeek!

carl hester is a very talented dressage rider and trainer.  this article sums up what he believes is best for his horses!

this is an excellent blog written by a local woman that hosts buck brannaman clinics here in montana.  she is an accomplished dressage rider.  i really enjoy reading her blog posts.

my latest video with tips for helping your farrier when he/she visits.



  1. I am so excited you are getting into Buck! I audited my first Buck clinic this summer and LOVED it! I was supposed to go to the Spanaway clinic but work got in the way 😦 He has such a black-and-white, no nonsense approach that I feel helps you come away with 10x the information. He really puts the horse first, and I can’t get enough! So amazing!

    1. when i was younger i took a horse to a buck clinic. he was YELLING and CUSSING at everyone and scared the holy living crap out of me. several people walked out after having a thorough dressing down in front of us all. i was terrified and didn’t learn much at that clinic 😦 i basically hid in the back on my horse. she was a gem so he didn’t take notice of us at all….

      BUT i have been told that he isn’t quite that bad anymore. maybe mellowing a tiny bit with age? i don’t know. my family were good friends with his adopted family when i was little. we got our first shetland pony from his adopted sister and brother in law. i saw him ride on the ranch when i was little. he wasn’t quite so gentle back then 😉 but had the will be become better and change his techniques so that is all that matters! when we were there one time he tried to ride a horse into the kitchen! LOL he got in trouble for that one 😉

      anyway, i would love to be able to go watch a clinic of his when he is in montana. he will be in bozeman next year and hopefully i can go! this year i was at a different clinic when he was here. maybe one day i’ll be brave enough to ride billy at one of his clinics!

      1. Oh my goodness! Well he pulls out those who don’t grasp an idea and makes sure they get it before the day is done, but I have yet to see him get aggressive. Maybe old age did him good 😉 He is definitely amazing to watch ride! That’s so cool you knew him when you were younger!!!

  2. I met Buck up close and personal at the Hoosier Horse Fair in Indianapolis, IN in April 2012. He was NOT a pleasant individual to me that day! He was not a pleasant individual to anyone in that auditorium who likes any other “natural” horseman…especial Parelli students! He made several snide comments during his demo about natural horsemen who market themselves and sell any products, and how they ask for a disengage by tilting their head and bending over….he called it “crouching tiger” and did a sarcastic demonstration of it. At that point….10 minutes into his first day with a new horse, we decided that we didn’t want to hear any more of the angry, snide words he had to share. At the end of his last demo with this horse later that day, I told my son that I wanted to try it again, and listen to what he was saying. My son, who was eleven at the time, didn’t want to stay at that venue, but he did because his mom said to do so….Well, in the last two minutes of that event, we heard more foul language and angry words than we did that morning! I could feel the anger from this guy, and I couldn’t even see him. You could hear it in his voice coming through the amplifier. My son was cringing, and I decided that I would be one of the first people to talk to Buck when he came out of the arena. When it was my turn to talk to him, I shook his hand and thanked him for coming to Indianapolis. I told him how much I enjoyed his documentary movie. Then I told him that I was really disappointed with his demos. I also pulled the scarf away from the Parelli logo that I had on my shirt, and explained to him that I was “one of those people” (his words from the morning demo) who would buy into what a natural trainer (Pat Parelli) was saying. His face immediately blew up, and so did he! I told him that I could feel his anger throughout the whole day, that it was NOT appealing, and that I didn’t appreciate his foul language and looked back to my eleven year old when I explained to him that my son was really offended, too. At that point, he calmed down (this was after about 2 minutes of speaking abusively to me) and apologized and said that he was sorry that we didn’t enjoy his presentation. But, before he saw my son, he said things to me like, “Yeah, I’m mad! You don’t want to poke the bear when the bear is angry!!!” I think that Buck has a lot of ability, but, just like all of us, he is imperfect. Pat Parelli often talks about how emotional fitness is part of horsemanship, and I think that Buck could definitely improve his public relations with some more emotional fitness! I was SO excited that day at the horse fair to meet Buck in person. Earlier, I had requested his movie be shown in our town, watched it as soon as it was available, and had high hopes that he would be the man that I saw in the movie. Unfortunately, he showed the side of himself that he accused his father of being in his movie…an angry, ballistic man, who would disrespect women and children, a big bully (I’m 5’3″, my son was little too, and he’s about 6’3″…he seems bigger when he’s angry!) energetically and verbally. Needless to say, it’s hard for me to respect this man. He certainly acted like a true hypocrite that day. Perhaps he thought about our conversation and how his words affected people that day. I hope so.

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