a look back

I love to journal.  I have new notebooks piled up around my house, beside my bed, next to my computer.  I have filled notebooks tucked neatly into book shelves and put in boxes under my bed.  I save them all.  I will go back through, re- reading things I have struggled with in past years and note changes that have taken place in my life.

billybooksI also keep journals for my horsemanship journey.  Each time I play with Billy I write down what happened in our session, the good, the bad and even the ugly.  (Yes from time to time things can get a bit ugly…)  These notes have been so helpful to me.  There have been many times that I feel my journey is stagnant and we are stuck, not moving forward, taking too many steps back. (Like right now…)  Then I’ll pull out a binder and start reading entries from earlier in the year and once again I remember just how far we’ve come.  I recognize issues that are still cropping up and I get inspired all over again by something I had a breakthrough with.  Then I remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


Every year I go to Susannah Conway’s blog and download her Unravelling workbook.  It walks you through a series of questions about the year behind as well as the year ahead.  These are meant to get you thinking about the good things that you’ve accomplished in the year behind and about the goals and dreams you have for the year ahead.  I often fill hers out with my horsemanship goals in mind.  As I was doing it this year I thought maybe I could write something similar to hers but using questions geared toward horses and our horsemanship journey.  If you are like me you have embarked on this journey to become better with horses as well as to become a better person.  Having goals and dreams is an important part of this journey.

If you are interested in Susannah’s Unraveling Course please click HERE and give her a visit.  I really love her.  If you’ve found something similar elsewhere, put together by someone you love, please share the website in the comments below!

Now onto the PDF I put together…  Enjoy!

To upload the 2014 Goal Workbook for your Horsemanship Journey, click HERE!

Then make up your favorite cup of coffee or tea, pull out some pretty pens or markers and dig in!


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