The Masterson Method

The Masterson Method
The Masterson Method

I want to take some time to talk about the Masterson Method of horse massage. HERE is the book that I have and I have read and re read it, several times. I also watched many of his videos over and over on YouTube. I find this technique so interesting compared to the physical intensity of deep tissue massage. After I had studied it some I went out and applied it to Billy.

Billy has several things that crop up often in his body that can cause us to have some trouble with our tasks. When he isn’t feeling 100% physically this can cause him to feel unconfident emotionally as well. I think it’s so interesting how literally EVERYTHING is connected and all of it matters to the horse.

The Masterson Method focuses on the three main junctions of the horse’s body; the poll-atlas junction, the neck-shoulder-wither junction and the hind-end junction. With adjustments made in these three junctions you can really make changes in the horse’s athletic performance and overall health. He talks about the “touch and response” approach. This is fascinating to me because it seems as though it wouldn’t make that big of a physical change. But it DOES.

This is not about really digging in and using your muscles to change their muscles. This is about going slow, listening to the horse and then just holding, using your energy in a healing way to support the horse’s body in making the necessary changes. If the horse is reactive in a certain spot, by blinking or slightly nodding their head, shaking the head or flapping their lips, then you will offer support to that area by holding your hand lightly over that spot. I have been doing this these past few weeks much more than ever before and have been very interested to notice that even when it’s below zero out, my hands stay very warm as I do this. How interesting! Even if they were cold when I started by the time I’m done they are pleasantly warm.

The changes that Billy has made both physically and mentally are very interesting to watch. He will now tell me when he wants some body work and I can quickly assess the issue and then offer the support he needs. I love watching all the releases that happen as I am working on him. He is very expressive with all the YAWNS, the body shaking, shaking off the kinks and knots, he will completely relax EVERYTHING, sigh, lick and chew, roll his eyes. Sometimes he will do all of these things when I am just starting on the first side!

When I am done with the body work I always apply essential oils to his spine and sometimes bulbs of his heels and his chest. This just helps hold the changes in his body and keeps things aligned properly. Right now Mountain Savory is our oil of choice. He smells so GOOD whenever I go out and rub him.


    1. i have found it to be a wonderful, easy to follow book. even if you aren’t sure about something, take it out to your horse, offer it and see what happens! it’s amazing how much your horse will tell you about what they need 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you are seeing good changes in your horses! I still find this method fascinating and use it on my miniature horse as well. (Though I should be doing it more for my minis!!)

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