the artist’s way


i am participating in a group reading of “The Artist’s Way” hosted by Erica over at Writing of Riding.  i haven’t read this book for about 6 years so it’s time to pull it out and get inspired again.  i love writing.  i love reading.  i love spending some quiet time doing both things, but i’ve been so uninspired lately that i haven’t set aside time for either.

so here we go!

my favorite affirmation this time is this:

“There is a divine plan of goodness for my work.”

the idea that i could create something that would go out into the world and help people is very inspiring to me.  that is why i wanted to become a parelli professional.  to help people and to help horses.  i think i can do both with my writing as well and THAT is what i want to do.

and maybe someday i can become a parelli professional and help horses and humans that way too.

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