Step-By-Step Guide to Training A Miniature Horse To Drive


I wrote a book! Actually I wrote the first edition a few years ago in as an answer to all the questions I was getting from my clients about how exactly do I hitch my horse to the cart?  What is this part of the harness and what does it do?  What steps do you use to start a horse in cart? I made up a little booklet to share some of my ideas and insights.

Now it has evolved into the second edition of which I am VERY PROUD. My Handsome Hubby helped me lay it all out and played a huge part in helping make it look professional.  He was also the reins-man in the book, driving our little mare, Ellie, for all the pictures.  He learned how to drive while helping me with this book!

bookcollageThis is a tried and true method that has worked over and over with many different miniature horses, ponies, horses and even a few donkeys.  (I have even used this step-by-step procedure to help a gal start her pet buffalo in cart!! It was a bit different because when he didn’t want to play anymore he would just leave. He didn’t care if we didn’t want to go that way. He went anyway…)

I hope it goes out into the world and helps people understand the process a bit better. I hope it brings a sense of accomplishment to others that want to step into a cart behind their miniature horse, pony, big horse or donkey.

I hope you like it. CLICK to purchase.



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