Dangerous Patterns

Dangerous Patterns
Dangerous Patterns

I highlighted an article that Karen Rohlf from Dressage, Naturally! wrote, over the weekend. It is a very timely article for me as I sit and ponder…

What do I want to put out into the world? What am I looking to share? What footprints do I want to leave?

She said something that really resonated with me,

“If we fight against fighters we become fighters. If we hate the haters we become haters. By going against ‘them’ we become ‘them’.”

Wow. This struck a cord deep within me and really set me to thinking. From what I’ve read about the new Parelli horsemanship tour this year, this resonates with them as well.  Parelli is not looking to show everyone that they are better than any other style of horsemanship. They are simply one way to travel on this journey of ours. I don’t waste my time looking for ways to put other forms of horsemanship down. I choose to look for the good in others. I feel that I always have something to learn. From everyone.

Karen also said,

“Let’s not use our beautiful horses and our harmonious horsemanship, as a vehicle towards becoming haters and fighters.”

Share what you have achieved with others. In whatever way that works for YOU. Be YOU.   Free yourself from labels and strive to fulfill your dream in YOUR way.

But whatever you do… don’t get sucked into the haters group. Be a lover not a fighter.


  1. This is so nice.

    Lately people in my stable has approached me asking for advice and help with their horses issues. So today I did not only play with my horse, I also played with a RBE/RBI and a LBI…. WOW! And they trust me and wants my perspective how to solve the problems since the regular ways doesn’t work. So here I am with two show-jumping mares that I’m helping become more of a partner and also helping their owners to become better partners for their horses 😀

    1. angelina i LOVE hearing this!!! i’m so excited for you 🙂 and this extra help that you are giving these other horses will also benefit harry as you will learn more as well! whoot whoot!!!

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