reset button


“as a writing teacher, it is my experience that if i praise a student’s strengths, the weaknesses eventually fall away.  if i focus on the weaknesses, the strengths, too, may wobble and even vanish.”

~Julia Cameron “The Right to Write”

i think this applies to horsemanship as well.  when we hammer away at those things we perceive as weaknesses we actually strengthen them.  i believe it’s because we become too direct line and then actually reinforce the behavior that we don’t want.  i’ve noticed, in my own journey, that when i slow down and choose to focus on the things we do well, they strengthen and then over shadow those that we struggle with.

i’m not saying that we must ignore the things that are difficult as it’s the journey through the difficult things that will make us stronger.  what i am saying is that we should not dwell on those negative things about our partnership… unless we want to strengthen them.

this advice is exactly what i need to hear right now.  due to the weather and footing situation around here (and the very very flat tire on my horse trailer) i have not been able to play with billy for the last 3 weeks.  i do think that i needed this break however.  i needed to take some time to step back, breathe.  now i can go back to our sessions with an open mind and new strategies.

sometimes we all need to push the reset button…

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