Dancing with Horses

Dancing With Horses

From the book, “Dancing With Horses” by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling;

Goals for training a horse:

1) It is always fun. The most important goal is this. What we do is only worthwhile if it is done in a spirit of joy and adventure. Always work so that it is fun for ourselves and our horses.

2) It is always beautiful. If the path we follow is a good one, then every single step of training has it’s own expression, it’s very own beauty. Everything we do will always be beautiful.

3) The question what happens if… he ever becomes the great performer that you had dreamed of? The answer… NOTHING! You still had a wonderful time. You had a beautiful, charming journey. You both are exactly what you were meant to be.

Very powerful reminders when playing with Billy Blaze. I fear that what we do together is not always beautiful, though I keep that goal in mind during our sessions. When I feel things begin to spiral downhill away from beauty and into chaos I will very often remove his halter and put him away… or leave the play ground if we are playing at liberty, and simply go for a walk about.

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