Caballero- the simplest gesture has the potential of becoming a language.

“he was a noble caballero whose entire life had been devoted to horses.  not only was it said of him that he was a very dignified and humble man, but everyone who saw him ride was enthralled by the performance and deeply moved by his riding ability.”


the caballero’s used to say,

“i’m going to meditate with my horses.”

since i have changed my outlook to, “i’m going to play with my horse” instead of “i’m going to work with my horse” my sessions have become more light hearted and play centered.  the thought that i am going to work with my horse sends me very direct line which causes me to look and act like a predator to my horse.

the idea of going to “meditate” with my horse adds an idea of spiritual-ness to my horse time that i think is important.

one thing i need to practice is the art of being still.  when by myself, with others or out with my horse.  just be still.  meditate.

center my mind.  breathe in through my nose and then back out.

just be.

quiet my mind, center it on just one thought, any thought.


horses are such sensitive beings.  often i spend my time with billy, shouting my thoughts.  i pester and pester him with my busy, quick movements.

my mind is not in the moment.  i allow my mind to be cluttered, what’s for dinner?  what was it that so and so said about me yesterday?  i wonder what so and so would think of THIS!?  is loose salt better than a salt block?  what if you don’t have a place to offer the loose salt?  oh i wish winter would get over.  i’m so tired of the snow, the snow drifts, the ice and the wind.  and on and on.  my mind is busy, busy thinking and wondering, all the while NOT paying attention to the here and now with my horse.  billy senses this.  i think it feels chaotic to him.  then he begins to BE chaotic.

i can practice being centered and in the moment as well as refining my gestures/signals.

the simplest gesture has the potential of becoming a language.  if i work on myself to refine this language (and corral my thoughtS), then soon, only my thoughT will be necessary.


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