life lessons from the puppy


i had a friend ask me an interesting question the other day on facebook.  she was commenting on the photos of my “afternoon walks with the puppy” and wondered why i hadn’t noticed these things (a gnome home in an old tree, a barbed wire heart along side the trail) on my earlier walks… because, don’t i walk that same trail every single day?

i answered that i don’t in fact walk the same trail every day because there are literally 100’s of miles of trails so i don’t feel the need to continually walk the same trail.  (or ride them when the time comes!)

however we DO walk the same 3/4’s of a mile of road, to GET to the BLM for our hiking and exploration of new trails, rocks, trees and treasures.  watching the puppy on that same exact stretch of road i realized that HE finds new and different things to smell, pick up and carry and pay attention to, every time we walk that stretch of road.  as we go up it to the BLM crossing and then again as we come down it toward home.  angus too, is trotting along, looking all the world like he has done this a thousand times, only to sharply veer off the road and excitedly follow his nose to some “new” smell he has just now discovered.

watching this got me thinking about my friend’s question and how even if i DID walk the same trail every day i would hope that i could find something new and exciting to notice.

then that led to thinking about my playground and my sessions with billy.  if i don’t make it a point to make things new and interesting he gets bored.  so having the imagination and creativity to make up new games with the same old obstacles is vital to developing a well rounded and interested individual… (unless he is extremely right brained and needs me to be boring and do the same old things as yesterday.)  how interesting!

i also realized that billy notices EVERY SINGLE NEW THING when we walk that same, boring stretch of road.  every. single. thing.  so the moral of this lesson is:

don’t get complacent just because you’ve done this before.  look for new, exciting things to marvel at every day.  find the joy in all the little things.

just a simple lesson from the puppy and billy on a lovely, snowy spring day!

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