Live Your Own Life

Live Your Own Life

I love what I’ve learned while doing Parelli with Billy.

I love understanding him a bit more using Horsenality.

I love having the tools to better communicate what it is I am asking him to do.

I love having the COMMUNICATION to explain to him what it is I am asking.

Sometimes… I wish I didn’t know so much.

I have spent many of my sessions in tears trying to read his body language. Is he left brained right now and being dominant? Is he right brained and being unconfident? Does he need me to be stronger or softer? Does he need me to wait or am I boring him?

This journey I’m on is not exactly a step-by-step guide to reading a horse. Not when you are doing a lot of learning FROM the horse. It’s more of a step-forward-today, then a step-backward-tomorrow.  (Or maybe 10 steps backward!)

Then we took a break. We both needed it. And when I went back out to have a short session with him and even take him for a walk, I didn’t worry so much about what he may be thinking. I saw his reactions and adjusted accordingly, but most importantly I slowed everything down. I asked and then WAITED for him to find the answer. When his attention left me, I did what I needed to, to remind him that I was at the end of the lead. To remind him that I was FAR more interesting than anything else going on.


I think before I would askthensupport so quickly that he was feeling bossed and pushed and dragged and pulled through the motions.

When I got out of my head and into my heart more things started to click.

I heard this statement today while listening to my audio book, walking the dogs,

“Tis’ better to live your own life imperfectly than to imitate someone else’s perfectly.”

                                                                        ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

I had to stop and write it down in my little pocket notebook. I think it’s a very powerful statement. I have been trying to imitate other people’s lives, horsemanship wise, for too long. This is my journey. Mine and Billy’s and soon Chloe’s and we will do it our way.   Sometimes it will be a little messy, but my goal will always be beauty, harmony, peace.

Because, having horses feeds my soul, after all.

I need my soul to be beautiful, harmonious, and peaceful.


  1. I 100% agree, Mindy! It’s great to learn from others, but just because you don’t do exactly as they do doesn’t mean you’ re doing it incorrectly or damaging your horse. Look at Sylvia Zerbini, The “Flying Frenchman”, and all these other amazing people that have incredible success with horses practicing their own language with horses so to speak. You obtain a foundation of knowledge, then go create your own art with it 🙂 As long as you and your horse are happy, what else matters?

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