sometimes when i make a goal of passing my level 4 online and liberty, i become too direct line in my thinking, which in turn pushes my horse away.  when i am being direct line i am more predator than partner towards my horse.  this is something that i work very hard on within myself.

and sometimes it means that i actually have to let those goals slide a bit while i focus on my relationship.  these past few months i have made my focus playing with billy until he is rideable… AND THEN GETTING ON AND RIDING HIM.  during this time our sessions were playful, fun and completely connected.

the last two sessions were about testing where we are in the program and our relationship went down the tubes.  i find it interesting that i have a hard time balancing these two things.  that is where i need help with my emotional fitness.

so i picked up a book that i’ve had for ages, but never read.  or even cracked open.  i bought this book and then promptly put it in my book shelf, never to look at it again.

these things come to us when we need them most.

a few profound things i read in “Connecting with Horses” by, Margrit Coates:

Through connecting with the horse we not only blend, but we are healed at our core.

Connecting with horses is letting go…. Sometimes the connection happens without effort; at other times it’s something that we yearn for, seemingly elusive and tentative.

… sometimes you do not need to know what you have learned, just that you have.

Even though they may no longer work for us, horses work on and with us.

All horses are healers in their own individual way, and all horses want to help us to heal.

there is no end to our experiences with horses, only continual beginnings.

i’m constantly amazed at how the universe works.  amazing.

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