bored or ??

sometimes horses are naughty.

imagine my surprise when i walked into the horse shed and saw THIS…


SOMEONE did this in ONE NIGHT!  i couldn’t believe it!

why did they do this?  were they bored?  is there something missing in their diet?

i went to the horses to ask.

chloe said,

“do you have carrots?”

chloecarrotswhen i said i did not have carrots she did this…


i followed and said again, “chloe, were you bored or do you need a supplement?”

this is all she had to say about that…


so i turned to billy.  this is all he had to say…


i decided to address this as boredom.  though they haven’t been locked up any more than normal, i do think the dry lot was getting to them.  so.

first, i decided to try “painting” the inside of the shed with stuff from my kitchen.  i mixed up cayenne pepper, hot sauce and more cayenne pepper in a big bowl of water.  i stirred and stirred.  then armed with a paint brush i headed out to the shed and proceeded to pain the entire inside!  i had more than enough spicy water to cover the whole interior.  billy of course was very curious and immediately bit the wood that i had just painted.

“eeeewwwww!” he said.

then, “hhhhoooooot!”


i immediately ran and got him a handful of hay to help cool his mouth.

then i put a couple of wooden logs in their pen, a big tire, a jolly ball (the dog keeps stealing these, but i keep putting them back in!) an empty rubber feed pan, and sometimes there is a chicken or two for billy to chase around.

they no longer chew the shed, but they have made a mess of this log…


because i keep finding wood shavings all over the ground i do not think they are ingesting the wood.  i’ve been checking their teeth and they kind of look like they’ve been brushing them… hmmm…  but they don’t have scratches or splinters in there.

this log looks great…

SONY DSCi notice that the rubber feed pan is always inside out and tossed around.  every day i have to get the jolly ball from the outside of the pen and i’ve seen billy pick up and carry the tire around, so i think the toys are helping.

i know my hubby (who put his sweat, blood and tears into that shed) thanks me.  i’m glad that i caught it BEFORE they chewed a hole through the wall.

this chicken proved her worth by following me all around while i gathered my photos to write this post…



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