i love


i love it when billy and chloe have a grooming session.  it fills my heart to see billy sharing this with another horse.

i love when it’s time for billy to come in and chloe to go out.  i open the gate to the dry lot and billy comes trotting in, while chloe goes trotting out!  no confusion, everyone knows where they are supposed to go and there is no anxiety about it.  same when it’s time for their supplements.  they know where they are to go and they stand there quietly.  simple. peaceful.

i love it when billy sees my truck coming down the road he will stop eating and RUN to the dry lot to greet me and see what i’ve been up to.

i love it when i call billy’s name and he throws his head up and comes cantering to me.

i love it when chloe lowers her head to the sweet spot and is content to just rest there while i stroke her cheeks.  this took a LONG time to accomplish.  it’s so rewarding.

i love that i am finally getting billy’s feet under control, he is landing heel first and is sound.

i love that chloe has nice healthy frogs on all four feet!

i love it when billy is so happy that he begs me to play with him by running around the playground, picking up cones, putting his feet on everything and jumping barrels, until i stop what i’m doing and join him.

i love it that my horses invite me to join them when they are sharing a grooming session. i brush billy, he grooms chloe.

i love it when my horses invite me to join in their resting time.  we all hang out quietly together.

i love it that my horses are my partners.

i love parelli.


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