before and after

i love before and after shots.

i decided to do this with billy because he was such an awkward yearling.  i really wanted a way to track his progress.

i take lots of photos and als after each session i sit down and jot down notes.

things i noticed during the session such as:

  • tension
  • progress
  • holes in certain games
  • attitude changes from the last play session
  • physical issues such as:
    • trouble staying straight when going sideways
    • trouble doing a small canter circle online or at liberty
    • trouble jumping barrels or logs
  • and of course i write about all the wonderful things that happen in each session as well.

at certain times of the year i like to take a couple of photos of billy that show off his posture, his conformation, his hair coat.  just to give myself a baseline of where we are going.

i love seeing the changes that happen in his body.  it’s amazing to me.  those changes tell me when i’m doing something right and when i need to change something.

this is one of my favorite before and afters because these photos were both taken at the same time of year!  the photo on the left was taken in May 2011, a couple of days after i brought him home, he was a yearling.  the photo on the right was taken in May of 2014, he was a 4 year old.

the changes in his posture, his conformation and his hair coat are amazing.

billybeforeandafter(2)here is a side shot from a little later in the year, this year, summer 2014.  this is after i had practiced lots of Masterson Method Bladder Meridian Treatments on him as well as many hours of gymnastic exercise, not to mention i began riding him!

his neck has rounded even more, his back has come up, which means his back muscles have strengthened, his hind end is under him more, which means he is fully engaging, which of course connects back to his neck being more round.

SONY DSCmy boy just continues to amaze me.

this is proof that small things done on a regular basis can make a huge difference.

more on gymnastic exercises soon…


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