Before and After - A fresh barefoot trim

Before and After

I have spent the last 4 years working hard on Billy’s feet, trying to help him have more comfortable angles, shorter heels, less toe, a concave sole, wide healthy frogs.

It’s been a struggle!  He had so much compacted sole that he was actually lame for a short time.  Sometimes he will have a bit of bulging sole still.  The other day the dog had something in his mouth and I went over to take a look.  It was a chunk of mud with a perfect hoof stuck to it!  It was Billy’s sole, all shed out on it’s own!  This is the FIRST time that has happened since I’ve owned him.  The first!  I was so excited.

I would like to share some before and after photos of his feet.  Just so everyone can see what can be changed and helped.  It doesn’t have to take as long as I’ve struggled with it.  I am a slow and easy changer.  I adopted the rule “slow and steady wins the race” and “slow and right beats fast and wrong” a long time ago.

Below you’ll see how thick his soles were.  His heels were nearly 3 inches tall and it seemed that I wouldn’t be able to trim them as it seemed that it was all flesh and blood there!  This is his left front foot.

hoofcollage2This was his right front foot.  Same heel as the left and just as much sole.billysfeetbeforeThis is from last year. 3 years after I started making changes to the above foot.  I used a concave rasp to help get some of that sole out.  I was able to trim his heels quite a bit and took some toe back.  His frogs widened at the heel.


Now onto last weeks photos!  This is before I trimmed him.  I love how the sole looks, the frog is wide and healthy.  He is toeing in on this leg so I cleaned up his toe a bit, took that point off so it wouldn’t pull his hoof, pastern and leg in.


The photo below was after the trim.  I cleaned up the bars and rounded that toe.  I also put a nice rocker in the toe area from underneath and then gave him a mustang roll.


A side shot of his feet before and after.  It’s amazing how much they have changed.billyshoovesbillybeforeandafter2015Billy on the left 2011 and Billy on the right 2015!

I love all the changes I see.  How about you?

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