The Beginning

Our trip started off without a hitch. Though Bariz was a bit reluctant to load in the horse trailer at 5am in the morning, before the sun was even up, he did get in. Billy loaded right up but wasn’t interested in moving his butt over so I could close the slant divider. After a little discussion about the ability to move his feet while in the trailer, he did it and we were ready to go!

We stopped only two times, once for coffee and once for lunch and gas in Ogden UT. We pulled up to our overnight accommodations by 3:00. They were working on the fence so K and I walked the horses around for a little bit, letting them stretch their legs, graze and drink some water. Both horses seemed nice and relaxed.


Once the fence lines were fixed up, we turned the horses loose in their separate pastures and they moved around, checking things out. Billy made a beeline for the horses that shared a fence line. In less than 5 minutes he had made friends with the gelding and they spent a long time grooming each other over the fence.

He makes friends wherever he goes. That’s an important skill to have in life. Even if you’re a horse.

When we reached Ogden K’s mom wasn’t feeling well, so I drove the rest of the way on Day 1. By the morning of Day 2 her mom was very ill so we spent a few hours driving around Provo UT looking for an Urgent Care that was open so early. Most opened at 10am. Finally we went to an ER and they sent us to Springville UT where they had an Urgent Care that was open! She was seen by a Dr. and we continued on our way to Pagosa.


Just outside of Moab UT. It was HOT!

We reached Pagosa by 6:30pm, by then the horses had been in the trailer for 12 hours. We would stop and offer them water or hydration hay every 4 hours or so. When we arrived in Pagosa both were calm and relaxed as we unloaded them. They happily went into their new pens, drank water and took a look around. Both horses handled the long road trip like old pros!

Hot air balloon in Pagosa Springs Colorado!
Hot air balloon in Pagosa Springs Colorado!

More to come…


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