Level 3 Freestyle Horsemanship Orientation

We made it! Check in was at 1:00. We pulled up at 12:50 and were done by 1:01.

Because of the Vesicular Stomatitis they had to do the check-in a bit differently. We met our instructor at the main office in Pagosa Springs. She checked our horses mouths, coronet bands and sheath area for blisters and we took their temperatures. Once that was completed we were free to head straight to the ranch!

parellicampuscollageWe were so excited to drive up the driveway. I had to jump out and take a picture of the sign. It still didn’t feel quite real!

The horses unloaded feeling a bit excited as well. Your horse is your mirror?


We took them up to their pens and helped them settle in by offering water and giving them their hay. They quickly met their neighbors and settled down to eating.


After that the staff at the Parelli ranch geared up with a flat bed truck and several golf carts to help us haul all our gear to the tack room and to our cabin. K and I were so happy to finally be at the ranch and settling in. It poured rain while we were putting our stuff away. A nice refreshing welcome!


Next we met in the lodge for our orientation at 4:00.

Our instructor was Susan Nelson, 3 Star Instructor. The Assistant Instructor was Kerri April, 4 Star Instructor. The assistant to the instructors was Brenda Robson.

They asked that we take our horses temperature daily. It was a precaution to the VS that was in the area. We were to check our horses over for blisters every day as well.

We had to make sure the horses drank enough water. To help with that we could add some molasses to their water.

We had to clean our pens at least twice a day.

Because of the bears and rodents we were to keep the feed container doors closed at all times. There was a container for hay and one for supplements, grain and such.

The tack room must be closed and latched by the last person to leave the area.

We were in charge of our own horse. Keep them watered, fed and their pens cleaned.

Every day we were to meet in the lodge at 8:30am for the Theory part of our day. Then we would head out to watch any demos that were scheduled for our day and then we were to saddle our horses and meet at the play ground.

After orientation K, her mom and I went out for a nice dinner at the local brewery.

When we returned to the campus K and I took the horses out to play on the little playground by our pens. It was such a nice evening!


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