Wednesday- Day Three

Ski Exercise:

We went out and did a team exercise during our classroom time.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 4.53.25 PM

Here are the things we learned while completing this exercise:


Our morning ride:

We played around with Carrot Stick riding this morning!


First we did some lateral flexion using our stick and not our reins.

  • Start with the stick straight out at a 90* angle from your body
  • Slowly start circling the end of the stick and moving it towards the horse’s nose
  • If the horse doesn’t move then lightly tap the nose and keep doing that until they move their head.

If the horse moves it’s feet, just push your hand down on the top of their neck, in front of the saddle to form a solid connection. Do not activate your seat!

Once the lateral flexion is good then you can move onto disengaging the hind end, lateral flexion, without the reins.

  • First ask the horse for the lateral flexion
  • Then press your leg/heel into the back cinch area
  • Look at their hind end

As they move their hind end over, you can sit up, continue supporting with the stick and ask them to move their shoulders over, direct rein, by putting your opposite leg on at the front cinch and opening your body, even pointing in the direction you want their shoulders to go. If they don’t move their shoulders, you can tap their neck and shoulder area with the stick to help them cross over.

We practiced this for our morning session. I noticed that K wasn’t in class so I checked in with Brenda and she said K’s tummy was hurting so Kerri took her for medical attention.

**As the lunch break started, after I fed both Bariz and Billy and gave them fresh water, Susan pulled up in a golf cart to take me to the office. K was at the ER and needed a guardian there. Before they could whisk me away (I didn’t have a vehicle so wasn’t able to go anywhere all week) her mom showed up at the ER. So, I went to eat my lunch. K’s mom kept in touch with me, letting me know how K was doing all afternoon.

Afternoon ride:


We went back to our lateral flexion, indirect rein and direct rein using our Carrot Stick instead of our reins but this time we were moving along the rail!

This was so cool!  Billy did great. He was moving forward with my intention and when I would bring my life UP and gently squeeze he would trot!

As the afternoon wore on he started to get tired. After we watched Susan do the bow tie pattern Billy got so sleepy he decided to gently and quietly lay down! With me on his back! I had an idea that he was going to do this and tried to discourage it, but he did it anyway. It was actually very cute. He is such a BIG baby! I stepped off and asked him to get back up which he did. I got back on and had him move his feet a bit. We had our chance at the bow tie pattern, walk/trot, then I got off, loosened his saddle and told him what a good boy he was. Soon after our day was over!


I took both Billy and Bariz back to the pens, fed, watered and cleaned their pens and went to dinner. After dinner I would spend some time writing my notes for the day, feed the horses their supplements and then take a shower before bed. By the time I had everything done it would be 8:30-9:00pm! I was up by 6:00am to get all my chores done before class started at 8:30am.

Billy’s 14th and 15th rides.

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