Thursday- Day Four

Classroom Theory:

The Bow Tie Pattern is meant to be a pattern of relaxation. The disengagement really helps horses that are impulsive.

  1. Relaxation
  2. Sets up hind quarters for correct lead depart.
  3. Helps with mobility, yielding.

It’s important not to lose forward motion during the Bow Tie pattern.


After some classroom time we headed out to the Mighty Broncy (seat builders) to work on Bunny Rabbit/Butterfly rein position. This would help us stay out of our horse’s mouths while going over small jumps, going up and over the banks, hopping down a bank into a creek, jumping small ditches, etc.

Morning ride:

We used small and medium logs to prepare for jumping up and off the banks.

Bunny Rabbit Rein Position

Using our focus we did some point-to-point, riding in a straight line over two logs, one bigger and one a bit smaller, at a walk. As our horse went over the logs we were supposed to practice our Bunny Rabbit/Butterfly rein position. Billy actually jumped the bigger log. Our first jump under saddle!

Then next time we went over the logs we trotted the line. Billy did great!

Next it was time for the bank jump! Down the steep hill at a walk, up over one side of the bank, across the top of it, then hop down the other side. So much fun! Billy totally rocked this one.


Afternoon ride:

We did a review ride this afternoon going back over lateral flexion with a Carrot Stick—> Indirect Rein, Hindquarter disengagement, Direct Rein, moving the shoulders across.

Review of Point-to-Point using our focus to GO somewhere. We were to keep this until we could do it with 3 corrections or less. Billy did awesome!

We reviewed the Bow Tie Pattern too, but Billy and I sat this one out. He was really struggling with forward in that pattern and having to turn and do the hindquarter disengagement felt like a shut down to him. We need to work a bit more on our forward before we do that pattern.

Some of us girls went on a little trail ride around the playground.


K was sick this day and wasn’t able to come. I took care of Bariz, making sure he came with us to the playground and took him back to the pens. I fed him and cleaned his pen too.

At 4:30 a local vet came and did a Acupuncture Demo for our class. That was very interesting. I had him do one on Billy and found out that he was blood deficient. It causes dry skin and hair and allergies. He was sore in his hocks on both hinds. With one needle in each hock he wasn’t sore any more and hasn’t shown any signs of being sore since. Very interesting.

Billy’s 16th and 17th rides.

**Thursday was my break down day. I was pretty tired and emotional all day. This was my day of crying. I was feeling very overwhelmed with the fact that K was missing out on everything and I had an extra horse to care for. Being at the ranch is a wonderful experience, but they do work your butt off! It’s a time to really immerse yourself in your horsemanship and change yourself to be better for your horse. All day long it’s horses, horses, horses. I really did love it… having an extra horse to care for just felt a little overwhelming to me on this day. Also not having a vehicle so I could visit my friends, get ice and be mobile was difficult as well.


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