RIP Chloe

Yesterday was a sad day. We had to have Chloe put down. Her IR (Insulin Resistance) was making her life miserable.

I had tried different supplements, locking her on the dry lot with access to hay, putting her out on the dead pasture grass, exercise. But in the end she couldn’t over come it.

She was such a sweet pony. Always so obedient and willing. She could stand up to the Bully Billy and then turn around and be sweet with little kids. She would happily give pony rides around the play ground and carry me up the road while I ponied Billy. We took her hiking all over the mountains and trails, she carried our water bottles. (Making sure to scrape them on every single tree on the trail…)

She was beautiful and fiery and funny.

She will be missed.


    1. Awww thank you Carol 😦 It was a sad week last week. Billy is actually handling it very well. I think they handle it better than we do… after all it’s the circle of life and they seem to roll with things much better than we humans do.

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