They are here!


After a very exciting trip in which my transmission went out of my truck, (half way to the Bitterroot Valley) which resulted in my Uncle (The White Knight) having to come rescue me and the horse trailer, then my Mom having to drive 2 1/2 hours to get me and the trailer at my Aunt’s house. After which we drove BACK to my Mom’s house (where the ponies were…) only to drive back to my house today with said ponies in the horse trailer… I can finally say…


I would like to say THANK YOU to all those that came together to make this happen. Mom and I were chuckling last night thinking about all the people that helped me get to the Bitterroot so I could bring these two ponies home. It certainly took a village to make this happen! I’m so so grateful. Clearly I have the BEST family who all understand exactly what these two ponies mean to me. Now I have Mama Sky, Baby Zorro and Big Brother Captain Planet. I’m so excited to bring Captain Planet home from my neighbors soon so he can be reunited with his Mama. How exciting this all is!!

Zorro (yearling stud colt) on the left, Sky and Zorro on the right

My truck is at the mechanics awaiting a prognosis. Somehow, someway we will have to get a new transmission. But at least the ponies are here and I can start driving them!

Let the fun begin!!


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