So many changes…


As I embark on this new journey with my little ponies and prepare to help Billy transition to a new home I am feeling a bit tender. A bit sad. A bit fragile. Things feel so up-in-the-air as I await Billy to find a new home. He is upset when he watches me with the ponies. Even when I play with or groom him first. When I walk down the driveway ground driving one of the ponies Billy whinnies and whinnies and paces the fence. It breaks my heart a little bit each time.

I know finding him a home where he will be appreciated and loved and ridden is the most important thing. He is so ready! I pray about it every day and am hoping he will go to someone close by so I can visit and watch him mature into a wonderful riding horse. I have been thinking of this time as sending one of my kids off to college. We prepare them as best we can for college life, further education, and then we cry a little when we watch them drive away. Some kids move back home after college, some move onto their own lives. I am very excited to watch Billy move onto his own life.

The Family: Left, Captain Planet (Big Brother and son of Sky); Middle, Zorro (Little brother and son of Sky); Right, Sky (The mama of this bunch!)

My ponies are so wonderful. The little guy, Zorro makes me laugh every single day. He is starting to really think he is a stallion. He will phlegm over a pile of manure and then mark it. He jumps on Captain Planet every chance he gets and they rear up and wrestle each other all day long. Then in the evening when it’s time for Zorro to go back in with his mom he runs straight to her and nurses and nurses. It’s so cute to see how quickly he goes from the big “stud muffin” to the little tiny baby.

Baby Zorro

Sky, the mama, is really settling in. Today she showed me all her itchy places and then turned and buried her nose in my hair and just stood with me. Maybe she feels my tenderness over Billy. After all she is a mama too and has watched a few babies grow up and leave. I’m giving her time to eat without that baby dragging on her all day, looking for her to put on a few pounds before I re-start her in cart. I am so looking forward to sitting behind her in cart!

Captain Planet is awesome. He is showing his little brother the ropes. Zorro watches us carefully when I halter Captain and when I feed him carrots. I’ve been trying to get Zorro to eat carrot pieces when I feed them to his mama. But he will just take them and then spit them out. As soon as he watched Captain take and eat a piece of carrot, Zorro reached out and took a piece from me and promptly ate it! I had to laugh as it was clear if his big brother is going to eat those then so is he! I’m hoping the haltering process will rub off as well… I’ve taken Captain out for a few ground drives and he seems to enjoy them. He looks around and watches everything. He notices all the rocks, for sale signs and humps of dirt left behind by gophers or the badger, but will bravely walk on by. He trots out so nicely and makes me walk as fast as I possibly can which is helping me lose a few pounds!


Now if the weather would cooperate. I love spring storms, but every day of sleet, rain and then snow is starting to get old. I am looking forward to the sun!

Please keep Billy and I in your thoughts and send good vibes, for us to find him the perfect home. Thank you!

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