Making the decision to find Billy a home where he would be ridden and appreciated wasn’t an easy decision to make. Having the perfect family come and fall in love with him made it easier. Delivering him to his new home was an absolute must for me. Being there to see him settle in and meet all his new friends was absolutely joyful.

Waking up to his empty pen every morning is hard. Opening my sliding glass door to silence is almost heart breaking. Every morning Billy would hear that door open and whinny a greeting.

Adjusting to the reality of Billy being gone is going to take some time. My family is very understanding and so supportive. When I have a sad day they all gather around and hug me. Handsome Hubby reminds me that Billy will be so happy there, with all his new friends and being ridden and appreciated. 

It’s still hard though. I’m choosing to be gentle with myself while I make this adjustment.

I’m so grateful for my family, my ponies and my dogs! (And baby Earl!)



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