Miniature Horse Hoofjack

Miniature Horse Hoofjack

A dear friend of mine and her family bought me a Hoofjack a few years ago as a thank you for helping them with their horse’s hooves. I LOVE that thing! It has significantly saved my back over the years working on Billy’s feet. Billy learned to really love it as well!

Billy loved his Hoofjack.


The Hoofjack was too big for the minis so I’ve been just holding their feet. However it is very difficult to be exact when trimming in this manner. Not to mention my back was killing me!! So I finally broke down and bought a miniature horse Hoofjack… It is adorable. I was surprised at how small it is! At first I wondered if it would be useful. But oh boy is it!!

Here it is next to Bonnie to give you a size reference…


And her hoof in the cradle…


Just another angle!

Bonnie did quite well with it. She didn’t have too much trouble adapting.

Sky was a little stinker but she quickly came around with some well timed carrot pieces!


TaDa!!! Our new Miniature Horse Hoofjack!!



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