Essential Oils for Laminitis

Essential Oils for Laminitis

Essential Oils for Laminitis

Most of the time when you are dealing with laminitis you need to focus on pain management– AFTER you’ve changed your horse’s diet and adjusted their living situation to accommodate for the laminitis.

So we will focus on oils that will help manage the pain. First you can apply the Raindrop Technique, once a week. Definitely do the entire Raindrop, including legs and hooves. This will also help balance the horse’s body. Most likely they have been compensating for their feet and will be sore all over.

Then you can move onto oils that will help the hooves. You can apply these to the soles of the hoof and even around the coronet band on a daily basis. Choose one or two or layer on 3-4!

Most people will not go above and beyond for their laminitic or foundered horse, and that’s one of the reasons that laminitis is the 2nd leading cause of death.

– Stephanie Krahl

Laminitis is very frustrating for the owner. Once your horse has tipped over into laminitic stage it can be very difficult to manage. The best thing is to keep them off the green grass completely, both in the spring and the fall. Look around for low quality forage so you can offer your horse access to forage 24/7. **Low quality does not mean moldy or dusty.

Taking some time to study good wholefood, natural supplements really pays off in the long run. Many of us have been there and understand the pain and frustration of laminitis and founder. Reach out to a community for support! There are some on facebook or you can join me here.

Feel free to leave a comment below or email me with any questions you have about dealing with this.

2 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Laminitis

  1. Winter Warlock3 says:

    In reading our articles about essential oils for horses with foundering issues I found it very helpful. I have a older arab quarter welsh type horse who i rescued and experienced a bot of foundering near 5 yrs ago. I since have been able to manage with monitored small pasture time on low sugar times of the day. Recently he occurred another bot with unknown symptoms, except near 2.5 days of loose stool. I was not experienced enough to recognize this is also a sign the he was having more laminitis issues. six weeks later seen he has separation of white line very pad in his lamiine hoof wall. It is devastating to and costly to treat just to comfort him. I used essential oils on my dogs and myself and am going to try the oils on his hoofs now. I hope they will help and at do know they will at least give him comfort. Thank you for your article.

    • LadybugFarm says:

      Thank you for your comment! When my miniature horse mare foundered this spring and throughout the summer I found Ortho Sport to be the absolute BEST for helping her manage the pain. I put it on at least every day and sometimes several times a day. Sometimes I applied it to her soles and sometimes to the coronet band. Founder is so frustrating for us and painful for the horse. I feel for you both!!

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