Treating Cold Symptoms in Your Horse

The best treatment for a cold is to prevent getting one in the first place. But if your horse ends up coughing, having a runny nose and goopy eyes then you can use essential oils to help win the battle.

Antiviral essential oil, blends and supplements are very effective as preventative aids in avoiding colds as well as in helping the body’s defenses fight colds once an infection has started. -Essential Oil Desk Reference

Of course giving your horse a Raindrop Treatment is a wonderful way to boost their immune system. That is my go-to!

A list of some more specific oils that you can apply topically are:

Ravintsara: Great for lung infections, fighting viral infections, and the common cold.

Clove: An immune booster, provide relief from inflammation and stimulates blood circulation.

Cypress: This oil is a great oil for grounding, promotes healing and improves lung efficiency.

Hyssop: A great antiseptic agent, provides relief from spasms of respiratory systems and stimulates immune system.

Thieves: The Thieves blend is the most popular oil blend of Young Living. This oil boosts the immune system, can kill airborne bacteria, and helps combat the spread of germs.

Sacred Mountain: Excellent for the respiratory system, it’s great for grounding and is comforting and soothing.

Exodus II: Helps the body’s natural defense system and stimulates the immune system.

You can apply any two or three of these oils along the horse’s spine and also allow them to inhale them. Using diffusers in the barn is a great way to keep the oils in front of the horse all the time.

Feel free to email me or leave a comment below if you have any questions!




    1. Hi Silvia. I really like the traditional Raindrop Technique for any illness or physio problems. It’s such a great all around technique. You can find the traditional Raindrop on the Young Living website. Thank you for your question!!

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