Natural & Simple Hoof Oil

This is a wonderful, natural and simple hoof oil to condition your horse’s hoof wall. You can use it on the sole of the hoof as well, but not at the same time. In other words, either put the hoof oil on the outside of the hoof wall OR on the sole of the hoof. Putting any hoof conditioner/oil on both the hoof wall and the sole makes it so the hoof can’t breathe!

This oil would be great for horses with fine sand cracks, foundered horses or just plain sore footed horses. You can adjust the essential oils based on what you will be using it for.

Fine sand cracks –> Rosemary, Geranium, Copaiba, Tea Tree

Founder –> Cypress, PanAway,Helicrysum, Peppermint

Sore Footed –> Valor, Wintergreen, Lemongrass, Relieve It , Stress Away

Soften the coconut oil.
Soften the coconut oil.

Soften the coconut oil then mix in the vitamin E oil, Argan Oil or Witch Hazel, lastly add the essential oils and stir!

Coconut Hoof Oil
Coconut Hoof Oil


    1. LadybugFarm

      YL stands for Young Living Essential Oil. I don’t always want to type the entire thing out so I’ll just type YL essential oil. Young Living is a brand of essential oil and the only brand I use! Thanks for asking!

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