How fast do oils work?

How fast do oils work?


**Remember to always use Therapeutic Essential Oils when working on animals!!

Animals respond to essential oils in much the same way as humans. Most animals are more sensitive to the effects of essential oils than humans and often seem to have a natural affinity to the healing influence of the oils.  – Essential Oils Desk Reference

Many people believe that the hair keeps the oils from reaching the skin when applying the oils topically. But actually the more hair follicles the more easily the animal can absorb the oils!

Animal sensitivity to essential oils may be due to the density of hair follicles on a particular animal. The more follicles per square inch of skin, the more enhanced the absorption of essential oils.   – Essential Oils Desk Reference

It’s best to start with small amounts of the oil or oils you are working with and then work up to more. Horses absorb the oils very efficiently so it’s best to apply a few oils and then give them a bit of time to work before applying more. You can apply the oils topically along the spine, on the poll, or on the hoof.

Rubbing oils around the coronet band will allow the oils to reach the bloodstream and travel through the nerves in the legs to the spine. – Essential Oils Desk Reference

Often when you offer a horse an oil they will smell it, sometimes deeply. Other times they will turn their head away. This does not mean they don’t need the oil it can mean the smell is new or unfamiliar and they just need to get used to it. If the reaction is more dramatic or you really feel the horse doesn’t like the oil, then choose a different one to use. There are many different oils that will help in similar ways. Oils are absorbed into the bloodstream even through inhalation, so they will benefit from just smelling them. This is especially helpful when working with a horse that doesn’t like to be touched.

There is no right or wrong way to apply essential oils. Every animal is a little different. Use common sense and good judgement as you experiment with different methods. Observe carefully how the animal responds to the treatment.  – Essential Oil Desk Reference

As usual, if you have any questions you can either leave a comment below or email me!

How fast do oils work?

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