Love is....

This one of my favorite Bible versus. I always wish I could change ‘love’ for ‘Mindy’ but I am too imperfect to live up to it. However you CAN replace ‘love’ with ‘horse’ and hit the nail on the head.

Horses are amazingly patient and kind. They put up with so much from us. We struggle to learn their language and spend a lot of time trying to force them to learn ours. We spend very little time meeting them where they are and yet they will continuously meet us where we are and do what they can to help us.

Horses are not easy to anger and they don’t hold grudges. They may learn that people are not to be trusted and yet when they are faced with a kind, understanding person they will come around and learn to trust again. After some of the things I’ve witnessed people doing to their horses I am always totally amazed at their level of forgiveness. We could learn a lot from horses about not holding a grudge.

Horses absolutely rejoice when the truth comes to light. When we are being truthful about how we feel; scared, angry, worried, stressed, our horses will do what they can to help us. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand how they are helping us if we don’t slow down and really listen to them, but they are truly trying to make us better people, better partners.

Horses have perseverance. They will keep trying and trying. We have a lot to learn from our horses and we can never know it all. When you open up to feeling a bit more when with horses it’s amazing what you can learn.

When working and playing with horses… Love never fails.

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