Kissable Noses & Muddy Ponies

The weather around here hasn’t been very nice. Lots of wind, blowing rain/sleet/snow/hail, more wind, mud. It hasn’t made playing with horses very much fun. No one likes to do anything when the wind is blowing 45 miles per hour. The horses are so reactive and silly that it doesn’t make sense to try to do much of anything.


The wind is great for drying out muddy pens and melting snow banks! So today, even though I have had a horrible cold with a gut wrenching cough, I took myself outside and started my spring cleaning of the two dry lots and the horse shed. Unfortunately, for some reason, the horse shed is flooded this year so it’s a total mess in there. I’m going to have to get some sawdust to soak up some of the mud and mess and there is still quite a lot of ice in there as well so I couldn’t get all the manure and old hay out (and I BROKE my manure fork, SIGH) but I put a good dent in it! Having my hysterectomy in November and then all of our intense below zero days hasn’t made pen clean up easy or even possible. This spring is going to be a MESS!!!

Bonnie is feeling so much better now that the ground isn’t freezing solid every night. She is running and chasing Sky, leaping and bucking and being totally silly. Just what I want to see!! And apparently Sky loves a bit of chaos so I think everyone is happy that Bonnie is feeling better.

Bonnie was “protecting” me on the fence line as I cleaned the boys pen today. I spent a long time just sitting with her, her nose pressed through the fence while she kissed my whole face. She is so gentle and sweet. This is something she would NEVER have done last summer. She has come a long way over the winter, with me taking my time and doing things on her timeline. It’s amazing what we can accomplish while seeming to not do anything! Then she let Sky come over and they both gave me some loving through the fence. Lots of nuzzles and nose kisses!

I felt a light nudge on my behind and there was Captain wanting his turn. He is such a lovey. Just like his mama.

Some days are just about this. Doing nothing but kissing and snuggling and hugging dirty, muddy ponies, and picking up poo in between all the love!


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