Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace -

I loved this quote when I ran across it while reading my bible the other day. It reminded me so much of Bonnie who really looks to me for feelings of peace and calmness. If she feels stressed or afraid she will look to me first and if I’m alright and tell her she’s alright, she trusts that I know what I’m talking about!

I love watching her prepare to spook or run, then respond to my voice saying “Good Girl” with NOT moving her feet. If I reassure her she will plant herself where ever she is and trust that I will not steer her wrong.

She also responds well to my voice when we are out on the road and run into scary things like horses rushing up to us on either side of the road, for sale signs blowing in the wind, trees blowing in the wind, Samson running up behind us with a TREE in his mouth, (that one scared me a bit!!) Sky spooking, cars driving up behind us, cars driving past us from the front, strange dogs approaching us, bags blowing across our path, and on and on! If I tell her she is fine then she is!

It really is all about getting to the mind. If you have that, then you have the entire horse!

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