Fun Stuff!

Just a bit of fun stuff going on around here today. I drove Sky tonight and she was wonderful! She is in heat and did pretty well considering. Last year I would never have been able to drive her during this time as she was so cranky. I’m so glad she is feeling well enough to play with me this year. She had lots of energy, due to being in heat, so we had to do lots of circles, figures of eight and trotting past the driveway then turning around and trotting past the driveway again. While doing this she started offering the most amazing trot! She would lower her butt, round her back and lower her head and power UP! Her trot didn’t get faster, but her stride nearly doubled. It was the best extended trot I’ve ever witnessed her doing! I wish I had had someone videoing us from the side. I’ll bet it was something to see!

We did a bit of cantering too. It was just a fun fun evening! I look forward to really getting her in shape. She went to the vet on Monday to have blood drawn so I can figure out why she is so overweight. Some exercise combined with the info I’ll receive from the vet should help her get in very good shape!

Next the boys and I added a south side to the little track in one side of my dry lot. Now it makes a complete circle! Sky and Chantelle move all day long. It’s so nice to see them using it as it was intended. I added some rocks and a small log on the north side so I could hide food there. This promotes foraging and gets them hunting along the track, moving! I am loving setting this up and can’t wait to build bigger and better ones in the coming years! Turn up the volume as I walk you through it.


  1. Love, love, love the video! So much fun, I really need to come visit so I can go for a drive
    ;). Oh man you can really tell when see extends, that is so awesome!
    I am interested to see what her blood work looks like!

    1. Thanks Emily! Driving Sky is so so much fun. I’ve been looking around at neighbor’s private property to find a nice driving road so I can get Sky away from the house a bit. I found a beautiful mile and a quarter driving spot that I can’t wait to ask if I can use!! So I may have some pretty videos coming up 🙂

    1. Thank you Dr. Ward! I am really loving my little track and can hardly wait to expand it and double it’s size. Once I do that the horses will have quite a bit of gravel to walk on as well as the rocky ground in this video. And I can’t wait for Bonnie to feel well enough to go out on it as well! All that movement will be perfect for her 🙂

  2. AWESOME AWESOME! I love the videos of your track. I’ve been trying that this year with my QH and hope to put the mini out on it sometime too. And what a lovely gait that little mare had. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I do love my little mare Sky. Her son, Zorro, has even better gaits. He is super floaty even when he is just doing a slow trot. He has more of a daisy cutter action and Sky has more up and down action.

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