Nicker Nickels!

I found out about Nicker Nickels on Facebook when a friend shared them. I was immediately interested as I am always looking for healthier treats for my ponies. I loved these because they are a nice size, but soft enough to break into smaller pieces. This enables me to know exactly how many treats they are getting and to make one treat stretch over a session. (Since ponies can count I know that one piece of treat just won’t cut it most days!)

They do have molasses in them so I don’t give them to Bonnie but everyone else LOVES them! Surprisingly my ponies are very picky when it comes to treats. There have been quite a few different treats I’ve tried and they just spit them right out. These ones they ate right away!

Nicker Nickels – The Elite Training Treat For Your Horses

These are the faces I see when Zorro thinks I have Nicker Nickels…

“Please give me a Nicker Nickel!! Please please please!”

I just love this nose.

I think your horses will love these treats too. Head on over to their site to order some!

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