Ponies and Flowers

I guess I felt I needed one more thing to do in this busy season… I started making felt flowers! I love dressing my ponies up with garlands in the different seasons and this year I found the prettiest, simplest, felt leaf garland for fall.


I really loved the felt as it has a simple look and is very horse friendly. I started looking up felt flower garlands and ordered one to use for photos. Then I decided I wanted flowers in lots of fun colors and looked around to order more. But I couldn’t afford all the garlands I wanted! Even simple can add up if you want too many of them. So I decided I would just make them myself!

I am loving it! It’s extremely time consuming and tedious and yet I absolutely fell in love with the process (burnt fingers and all) and the resulting flowers. I have spent many hours experimenting with different types of flowers – including ones I made up myself – and so far the daisies are my favorites. Daisies are my favorite flowers anyway!! I also love the sunflowers. These two types of flowers take the most time to make, of course.

flowercollageChristmas for my family is very simple this year. Everyone gets a flower garland! But they can know that I put lots of my time and love into each and every flower on their garland. Now that I am done making all my Christmas gifts I can focus on making some flowers to offer for sale! And I have many  many hours of practice under my belt.


Here is a simple Daisy Chain Garland with a couple of different colored daisies.

This particular garland is about 3 foot long with 9 flowers and 13 leaves. I love this length of garland because they can also be used as a flower crown.

Sky hardly ever opens her eyes for pictures anymore. She just stands there with her eyes closed. Maybe if she can’t see me I’ll go away!


Bonnie is my super model!


I am studying up on my flowers a bit and am going to continue to experiment and try some new ones. I like some to look realistic and some to look a bit more fantastical.

As you know I like to decorate Sky’s bridle with flowers as well. I thought she should be wearing a flower I made so, I changed things up a bit. This is a little sunflower. I love these colors on her!


I am nearly ready to start taking orders! Watch this space for more on that 🙂

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