Suspension Kit!!!

After receiving my new suspension kit I was away for 5 days babysitting for some friends of ours. So Handsome Hubby kindly put it together and installed it on my cart while I was away. I was so so excited to give it a try and finally I had a day at home and the sun was even shining! It was cold but so so worth it.

Here we go!


The suspension kit comes with the little steps that you see on the sides there. It has a wagon style spring on each wheel. So the wheels move over the ground nearly independently. This makes for an extremely smooth ride for both of us! Here is a little bit about the kit straight from Patty’s finger tips:

Kelly’s “simplex” suspension is a “two leaf, quarter elliptical spring suspension”. It is designed so the the wheel goes up and back at the same time. With this the wheel has more time to travel over the humps and hollows and in extreme terrain, the spring action also causes the driver to also go up and back, as opposed to up and forward, as is the case with most EE carts. This way, the cart will catch you, if you will, keeping you in the cart, as opposed to throwing you up and forward out of the cart.


The ride was amazing. Sky was on fire, racing around like a run away and yet my ride was smooth and I NEVER felt like I was going to bounce out. I watched the shafts like a hawk and am pleased to report that the shafts stayed nearly level the entire time. No matter how many bumps we hit they never jammed into Sky or knocked her shoulders around.



The balance is perfect, allowing the ends of the shafts to float in the shaft loops. The kit does add a bit of weight to the cart, but Sky didn’t seem to mind!

I also got a set of footman’s loops from Patty as well. These slide onto the shafts and then adjust where ever I want them to be. I may slide them forward a bit more so I don’t have to wrap the breeching, but they worked beautifully! The breeching never loosened and then smacked Sky in the butt which I was very grateful for when she was racing around, flying over the bumps and through the ditches.


Here is a video I put together! You’ll see how easily the cart handles the bumps and uneven ground. Also I felt that Sky could corner so much better. I’m not sure why, but the cart now corners smoother.

So short story… If you are wondering whether you need a different suspension, get one from Patty’s Pony Place and you will NOT be disappointed!!! I am so excited about the difference this has made for both of us. Our driving experience will be so much better now!! I don’t have any reserves about driving in our field or over rough ground. Sky will be able to handle it without any problems now. I am still looking forward to the day I can order a Cricket or a Scorpion, but until then I will be enjoying my cart so much more!!!


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