Goodbye 2017!

It seems like 2017 just started and yet here we are looking at 2018. Time does fly when you’re having fun! Though to be honest I can’t really remember what all happened this year. I’ll need to share some photos to jog my memory.

The biggest thing that happened for my little family is my two boys took Drivers Ed and started their journey behind the wheel. I did most of the driving with them all spring, summer and fall and they are now ready to get their drivers license!! They go in on January 8th. Sigh. It’s amazing how fast they grow up…


Our year kicked off with Bonnie becoming laminitic after getting some grass that she found buried in the snow.


This morphed into an acute laminitic attack after she was vaccinated in March.

Bonnie in her styrofoam boots. -

She really struggled all spring and summer. I read and researched and watched videos and aggressively trimmed her feet to keep her comfortable. I adjusted her diet and barely slept. I tried several different kinds of boots to help her be more mobile and did more reading and more research. I spent $100’s of dollars having all her feed tested, even my pastures at different times of day in with different heat indexes. I learned more and adjusted her diet some more. I talked with my vet and a well respected natural vet. I talked with feed specialists and equine nutritionists and did more reading and more research. I adjusted her diet. Every time I adjusted her diet I did it slowly and watched her like a hawk. Through all of this Bonnie stayed sweet and kind. She became a true pocket pony and enjoyed my company… good thing since I was out there at all hours of the day and night!

As I worried over Bonnie and had several sleepless nights, I also was able to get Sky going in the cart again! I followed the steps I outline in my book and started at the beginning… and in no time she was pulling a cart again!


I found a unicorn in my pasture…


We went hiking!

Bonnie started doing better and better! She worked up to being out in the pasture with her muzzle on for a few hours a day.


I started using Sure Foot Pads® on all the ponies. Bonnie really loves them. Sky doesn’t love them as much but will stand on them for me. Zorro really loves them too!

On August 21st there was a TOTAL ECLIPSE! My little family drove a couple hundred miles south so we could experience the eclipse in it’s entirety. At first I didn’t want to go, but I am so glad I did! (Though the drive down took 2 hours longer than it should have and the drive home took 4 hours longer than it should have do to traffic!)

Zorro did this:

and continues to be my sweet baby boy.

I continued to purchase parts of the Comfy Fit Harness!! Now all I need is the padded breeching!

Zorro wore this:


We dressed up for fall!

I painted and finished my sled attachment!


And I’ve been learning more about fitting a buggy collar and hames. It’s not an easy thing to do! I am saving up to upgrade my collar to one that fits Sky better.

Then I received my suspension kit from Patty’s Pony Place!!! Whoot whoot!!


We had a wonderful, simple Christmas full of family and good food. The ponies each got a peppermint cookie for Christmas and I hand them out carefully here and there. I love to watch them enjoy them and they smell so good afterwards!


I have a new hobby! I am making felt flowers. I love to dress up my ponies (in case you couldn’t tell) and wanted to have several flower garlands with different colored flowers. I couldn’t afford to buy all the ones I wanted so I figured I would just start making my own!! So far I am really enjoying it. And I’ve started to offer them for sale!



I also make bridle crowns…

2017 was a fun year, even though there were some stressful times with pony health, but I am looking forward to 2018!

I wish you all a Happy New Year full of lots of love, laughter, joy and hope!

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