Barry Hook – Horse Drawn Promotions

A couple of years ago I ran across a video of Barry Hook driving a three horses abreast, two Friesian stallions and a mare in heat. They were trotting along a busy UK country road, standing quietly along side a busy road and basically working well together, though the mare would show a bit here and there and they would talk sweetly once in awhile. I was impressed! I also quite enjoyed listening to him talk and the sound of the horse’s hooves on the road. Horses trotting down the road is a sound that I have always loved!stallionsandmareI have been watching his videos off and on for the last few years. When I took up driving again, I started watching his videos even more. He does some amazing things with his horses, showing them trotting calmly through very busy intersections, standing quietly under an over pass with vehicles driving past them and over the top of them on the bridge. He shows how they stand nicely when a shot gun is fired over their heads and while they toss balls and barrels at them… yes I said BARRELS. I was interested to see how be builds the horse’s confidence so I ordered one of his DVD sets called “Breaking Bisto Start to Finish.”

I really enjoyed his process and the easy way he has with the video taping. It’s not a fancy video, but one that makes you feel like you are in the yard with him. The pony is a very quiet, sweet pony, so the process is made to look quite easy. He has a few other DVD sets that I will be getting as well, with the hopes that he shows how he works with a more difficult horse. He also has a video library that you can pay a monthly fee to access. I think I’ll do that in the coming month just to see what it’s all about!

barrysdvdWhen he works them at home in his yard he has many obstacles set up. Some of them are very big and fancy and others are simple and made from things you can find laying around! These obstacles help prepare the horses to go out on the busy roads. I have written down so many ideas for obstacles I can build and set up this summer!Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 9.56.46 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.04.40 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.06.30 AM

He takes them to a local water area and helps them to be confident with water. I love this part of his videos!



I highly recommend you look him up! His YouTube channel is barryhook2.



All of the photos on this post are from Barry’s Facebook page. You can find that HERE. The screen shots were taken from his videos on YouTube. The countryside where he drives is just as fun to look at as the horses are to watch. What a beautiful place he lives!

I know that he comes to the US to do clinics. I think he stays mostly on the east coast, but maybe someday we will get big enough around here to have him out for a few weeks. It’s something to aspire to!


  1. I think it was the Alberta Combined Driving Association that had Barry Hook in 2017. According to comments from friends on my timeline, plans are in the works to host this gentleman once again.

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    1. Oh my goodness! I wish I could go! I would love to attend one of his clinics. I seriously listen to him all day with my head phones while I do computer work 🙂 Sometimes he does things differently than I would or reads a horse differently than I do but I never tire of watching him work with them!

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