3 things about Sky…

  1. Sky does not like having her ears touched. Clipping her for shows was always very interesting. She will not tolerate me even looking in her ears. She is just starting to allow me to pass my hand over the top of her ears without flinging her head up or ducking away. However, she is super easy to bridle, even if I end up bending an ear or getting the bridle stuck on her ear. She will stand quietly and patiently while I make the necessary adjustments. Explain that!
  2. Sky HATES every brush in my brush box except for the Epona Love Brush. She will tolerate the very soft brush in the summer time, but she doesn’t especially like it. I think because the bristle brushes build up static. She really doesn’t like the pin cushion type brushes. But she does love to have her tummy scratched and will position herself just so, so I can scratch between her hind legs.
  3. Sky gets very nervous and unconfident when I trim her feet. She used to rear and paw violently whenever I tried to trim her. It was a literal wrestling match to get her feet done. I have worked patiently with her to help her over her fears and she is getting so much better. I can do her front feet without a single bit of trouble, but she will ever so slightly tug at her hind feet while I am holding them up. This makes me so tired, is hard on my back and I have a bruise the size of my fist on my inner thigh from her doing this! She is such a conundrum!

The biggest thing about Sky is that she is a luvy. She loves giving kisses, will bat her eyes for a cookie and will stand and let me hug her forever. If I go out to sit with the horses, she will hang her head over me and fall asleep. And of course everyone knows she is a ROCK STAR driving horse!!


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